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2007/03/18 - "A short history of GIS moving to the mainstream" - a summary from Geoff Zeiss of part of my presentation on the panel we both sat on at GITA

2006/10/31 - Announcement of my keynote address at the GSDI 9 conference in Santiago

2006/09/26 - All Points Blog - "Intergraph is attracting quite a crowd of thought and management leadership even as it morphs back into a private company. I suspect the up and coming generation of geospatial technologists will find Intergraph very appealing with CTO Peter Batty and Jack Pellicci running key parts of the company."

2006/09/02 - All Points Blog podcast on the Intergraph acquisition, containing in their words "a lot of speculation" - I get a mention at around 11:30 minutes

2006/06/21 - Report in Asian Surveying and Mapping on Intergraph 2006 keynotes

2006/05/05 - (Video) interview with Homeland Defense Journal - The Listening Post with Dan Verton (this page features interviews with me and with Secretary of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff)

2006/06/13 - Gave a keynote address at Intergraph 2006 and got to be the warmup act for Colin Powell!

2006/03/15 - Computerworld New Zealand: GIS specialists should complement Google, Microsoft

2006/03/01 - Interview with Landmark magazine (pdf, pp6-7) - "Guru says industry headed for IT oblivion" "I've just interviewed one of the real Gurus of the world-wide geospatial information industry; You know – one of those people acknowledged by his peers as an industry expert and who is expected to say something profound or visionary virtually every time he opens his mouth."

2006/02/21 - Computerworld New Zealand: Geospatial 'Bill Gates' to visit New Zealand

2006/02/15 - At Intergraph, A Changing of the Guard at All Points Blog

2006/01/05 - GITA Australia New Zealand newsletter (PDF) - A world authority heads the list of speakers at GITA’s Wellington seminar

2006/01/02 - Directions Magazine Top 10 of 2005 features my appointment at Intergraph, calling me "one of the most respected geospatial visionaries"

2005/12/05 - Executive Interview with Joe Francica of Directions Magazine

2005/11/14 - Interview with Peter Batty by Susan Smith of GIS Cafe

2005/11/13 - Intergraph Sets Course with Industry Innovator - interview by Matt Ball of GeoWorld

2005/10/27 - Some nice comments on my appointment, at All Points Blog

2005/10/27 - Announcement of my new role as CTO at Intergraph

2005/03/10 - Review of GITA 2005 in Directions Magazine, which features my presentation, which "provided a far reaching look into the use of location determination technologies to build real-time, highly interactive spatial sensor systems"

2005/03/09 - My GITA presentation was featured in the blog of Ed Parsons, Chief Technology Officer of the UK Ordnance Survey.

2005/03/08 - Quoted in the GITA conference news, in an article on Spatial Information Management (PDF format) - page 12

2004/09/27 - Interview with Position Magazine "In search of a good idea" (a few somewhat inaccurate points in here that I would have corrected given the chance, but overall a nice article)

2004/09/01 - Review of GITA Australia / New Zealand conference, which says that the spatial visionaries session (in which I was the primary speaker) was "inspiring and thought provoking", and rated by many as "the most outstanding item".

2004/06/24 - Peter Batty of Ten Sails wins a record 7th GITA Speaker Award

2004/06/08 - GITA Announces Annual Conference 27 Speaker Award Recipients

2004/06/04 - Batty to Address GITA Australia and New Zealand Conference

2004/06/01 - Peter Batty to present in GITA webcast on Technology Standards in Web Services

2004/04/29 - Peter Batty on Technology Trends, article at GIS Monitor

2004/04/28 - GITA Conference News - Batty: Wireless, Sentient Computing Hot Trends (PDF format)

2004/01/06 - GITA announces 2004 board of directors

2003/06/09 - Industry Leader Peter Batty to Discuss Geospatial Integration, announcement by GIS in the Rockies

2003/04/01 - Smallworld Founders form new company

1999/12/29 - Peter Batty Named Smallworldwide Technology VP, Joins Executive Management Team

1999/11/19 - Smallworld Application Products Support Oracle8i Spatial


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