Iguaçu Falls, 2003

Paula and I visited Iguaçu Falls (spelt Iguazu in Argentina, and sometimes Iguassu in the US or UK), on the Brazil-Argentina border. I have visited both Niagara and Victoria Falls, but thought that Iguaçu was even more impressive than either of those. More coming soon.

Safari in Botswana, 2002

I went on a safari to Botswana in September 2002 with Wilderness Safaris, which I would definitely rate as the best trip I have ever been on. More coming soon.

World Cup Final, Tokyo, 2002

I was lucky enough to get tickets for the World Cup Final (that's soccer, for any uninitiated Americans reading!), in exchange for bidding lots of frequent flyer miles in a United Airlines auction. My friend Mike Mitchell came with me,and we got to see the semi-final in which  Brazil beat  Turkey 1-0, and the final in which Brazil beat Germany 2-0. And we got to spend a week in Tokyo - the whole trip was a great experience. Read more ...

Bangkok, 2000

I visited Bangkok to speak at the Geo Asia Pacific conference, and also fitted in a few days of vacation. I loved Bangkok - it was so different from anything I'd experienced before. Highlights of the trip including having tea with the Princess of Thailand, and going on a canal (khlong) tour of Bangkok. Read more ...

Recent trips

Paula and I went over to England for my brother John's wedding in July 2004. We went to Paris for a weekend, and also went to the opera festival at Glyndebourne. In August I spoke at the GITA conference in Melbourne, and Paula and I spent some vacation time in Australia and New Zealand. Photos and postings about these trips coming soon!

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