I live in the Wynkoop Mercantile Lofts, above the Wynkoop Brewing Company in Lower Downtown Denver (LoDo). The Wynkoop is one of the best known bars in Denver, and was founded by John Hickenlooper who is now Mayor of Denver. The lofts have a lot of character, with red brick walls, wooden floors and ceilings, and big old wooden beams and pillars. The building was built in 1899 as a warehouse and trading building and was known as the J. S. Brown Mercantile Building. I recently embarked on a significant remodeling project.

I have created a little guide to local restaurants, bars and places of interest using Yahoo Maps.

LoDo was a run down area in 1988 when the Wynkoop opened, but is now the center of the action in Denver. There are over a hundred restaurants and bars within half a mile of the loft. Below are some links to local information sites, and I've added a page with a list of my favorite downtown restaurants and bars.


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