Home Theater

I have a pretty cool home theater system in my loft, with a projector and ten foot diagonal screen which both drop down from the ceiling. It's featured at the Projector People web site where I bought my projector from. See here for more details (though a little outdated).

Digital Cameras

I have been heavily into digital photography since 1998 or so, and have been through lots of cameras in that time. Here I talk about some of the cameras I've had, and what I'm thinking of getting next!

Handspring Treo 600

I bought a Handspring Treo 600 which I've been very impressed with - it's hugely better than the Sony Ericsson P800 I had before that. Review coming sometime!


Coming up

Paula's son Chris has built me a very cool custom PC which I'll feature here soon. Check out his web site, LoDoWeb.

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