Conference Presentations

Presented at many conferences around the world, including the following: 

  • Intergraph Danish User Conference, Vejle, Denmark, March 2007: gave keynote address on Intergraph product and technology directions.
  • GITA 2007 Conference, San Antonio: The Disruption of Geospatial technology (part of a seminar on "Mapping Applications on the Web: Evolution or Revolution?"); What's New and Cool, and Where are we Going? (paper presentation); Extending the Reach of Geospatial Technology (panel discussion)
  • GSDI (Global Spatial Data Infrastructure) conference 9, Santiago, Chile, 2006: invited keynote speaker on the role of geospatial technology and standards in reducing poverty and enabling sustainable development
  • GITA Pacific Northwest annual conference, 2006, Salishan, Oregon: invited keynote presentation on technology trends in the geospatial industry
  • GeoAlberta 2006 Conference, Edmonton: invited keynote speaker on geospatial technology trends
  • Intergraph 2006 keynote presentation: spoke on industry trends and Intergraph technology directions in the opening session in front of 2000+ people, immediately before a presentation by General Colin Powell
  • Homeland Defense Journal workshop, May 2006, "Achieving Actionable Situation Awareness; Geo-Spatial Solutions The Next Generation": Technology to Support a Common Operating Picture (video interview)
  • GITA breakfast seminars in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, 2006: technology trends in the geospatial industry
  • GITA New Zealand 2006 Conference, Wellington: invited keynote speaker on geospatial technology trends
  • GITA Australia & New Zealand Conference, 2004, Melbourne: Spatial Visionaries Session
  • GITA 2004 Conference, Seattle: Technology Trends in the Spatial Industry
  • GIS in the Rockies, 2003: invited keynote speaker on Geospatial Integration
  • Cook-Hurlbert New Technology Summit, September 2003: invited opening speaker
  • GITA 2003: moderated a panel on "What's next: the way forward"
  • GEOBrasil Conference 2002: Geospatial Technology Trends (Keynote Address).
  • GITA 2002 Conference, Tampa: Version Management Revisited.
  • GITA 2001 Conference, San Diego: Principles of object-orientation (seminar).
  • GIS Asia Pacific Conference, 2000: Panel on industry directions, attended by the Princess of Thailand and several senior government ministers.
  • Geospatial 101: Fundamentals of GIT - inaugural GITA webcast, June 2000
  • GITA 2000 Conference, Denver: Technologies for Uniting the Enterprise; Principles of object-orientation (seminar). Also presented this paper at GITA Hungary 2000 in Budapest and GITA Australia / New Zealand 2000 in Sydney. 
  • Distributech 2000, Miami: The trend towards integration of GIS and operational systems.
  • CIER conference, Punta Del Este, Uruguay, 1999: Breakthrough Improvements in Distribution Operations - leveraging the GIS investment 
  • Driven by Data conference, Los Angeles, 1999: Closing Panel.
  • GITA California/Nevada, Oakland, 1999: The future of GIS in utilities
  • GITA Rocky Mountains, Denver, 1998: Keynote address.
  • AM/FM (GITA) 98 Conference, San Jose: Beyond GIS: A new level of integration. Also presented this paper at AM/FM Australia New Zealand 98, Melbourne.
  • AM/FM Australia/New Zealand 1997, Sydney, Australia: The impact of new technologies on AM/FM/GIS and AM/FM data modeling for utilities.
  • AM/FM 97 Conference, Nashville: Is mainstream database technology ready for GIS?; Object-Oriented Technologies and AM/FM/GIS (seminar)
  • AM/FM 96 Conference, Seattle: The impact of new technologies on AM/FM/GIS; Databases in GIS (panel); GIS and distributed processing (panel); Object-oriented programming (seminar).
  • DA/DSM 96 Conference, Tampa: Information models for distribution systems.
  • AGI 95 Conference, Birmingham, England: The Future of GIS (panel).
  • AM/FM 95 Conference, Baltimore: AM/FM data modeling for utilities
  • GIS 95 Conference, Vancouver: Experiences with object-orientation in GIS.
  • EGIS 94 Conference, Paris, France (with Gillian Kendrick): Use of an Integrated CASE Tool for GIS.
  • AM/FM 94 Conference, Denver, and AGI 93 conference, Birmingham, England (with Dick Newell): GIS databases are different
  • GIS 93 conference, Birmingham, England: Object-orientation: some objectivity please!
  • British Computer Society seminar, Warwick, England, 1993: Issues in corporate integration of GIS. " AGI 92 conference, Birmingham, England: An introduction to GIS database issues.
  • AM/FM European Conference, 1991, Montreux, Switzerland: GIS databases: a distributed future.
  • International GIS Sourcebook, 1991: Why use a standard RDBMS for GIS? (Referenced in the Oracle Multi-Dimension announcement literature in 1995).
  • IBM GFIS User Group, Mesa, Arizona, 1991: How to do geoManager retrievals in 5 seconds!
  • British Computer Society seminar, London, England, 1990, also published in Mapping Awareness magazine and Computers and GeoSciences: Exploiting relational database technology in GIS.

Conference awards

  • 1993: AGI award for writing one of the top papers at the Birmingham conference. 
  • 1995, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004: GITA (formerly AM/FM) speaker award for presenting one of the top 5% of papers at the annual conference, based on attendee feedback (Nobody else has won this award six times). 
  • 2000, 2004: GITA Australia / New Zealand speaker award, for being the best speaker at the Australian GITA conference.

Written many articles on topics in the field of geospatial and location technologies. Click for a detailed list.

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