Denver has better public transportation than many people realize, and a lot is going on to improve this. There's an ambitious plan to expand the public transport system called Fastracks, which needs to be funded by a sales tax increase which will be voted on in the November 2 elections (proposition 4A). If you're a Denver area voter please support this!  Denver Union Station will be at the center of the regional transportation network, which will be great for those of us who live across the street!

RTD Denver (the Regional Transportation District) has recently added a pretty cool trip planning feature to their web site, where you enter the start and end addresses for a trip you'd like to make, and it tells you which trains and/or buses you need to take. I'd like to see them add a few more features, but it's heading in the right direction!

Until the light rail down I-25 is finished and some of us still need to drive down there, the T-Rex site has a great real time traffic map - you need to click on "Maps, Photos and Images" and then on "Real-time information". You can even click on real time webcams all the way along I-25!

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